‘Tweed – born of The Highlands and Uplands of The British Isles – worn by Kings, Queens, Presidents and men and women of taste and character the world over. As conservative, subtle, or fashionable as you choose. The most timeless yet expressive cloth you could ever wear. Cherish this product. Irrespective of the circumstances, wear it with quiet confidence, let the tweed do the talking…’
InTweed is a small family business based on the Devon and Dorset borders near the historical town of Lyme Regis in the heart of the West Country.

We are situated on our working family farm in an old converted Lamb barn, this is where we measure, make and sell our Tweed garments. We are also host to another company, our sister company Fortis Clothing, who manufacture and sell waterproof clothing for outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Fortis make everything from their cloth to their clothing inside the United Kingdom.

Bespoke Tweed Tailors

The West countries finest Bespoke tailors boasts a wealth of Tweed. This website comprises of the biggest selection of Tweed not only in the United Kingdom but the world. If you are looking for a Tweed, we will have it or have a way to find it for you.

We are committed to the promotion and appreciation of tweed in all its forms. We welcome your interest, comment and custom and are always pleased to hear from you wherever in the world you are.

In supporting us you are also supporting a rural industry that forms a piece of The United Kingdom’s living heritage.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the market, fashion and deep selection of cloth.