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Falkland Reinforced

Reinforced Waterproof Falkland Trousers

These are the best waterproof trouser that Fortis® make, they have been used all over the world and in the heaviest down pours the elements can throw. Incredible pair of all round outdoor trousers ready for the elements and anything you would like to throw at it, strong, waterproof and comfortable. They are designed for lifestyles of the outdoors.

All the features of our standard waterproof trousers but with reinforced full front thighs and seat.


  • Seat pads enables one to sit in water and wet surfaces
  • Pleated side zips to help with ease of boot getting on and off.
  • Built in belt
  • Fully adjustable, goes up a sizer and down two.
  • Thigh pads are 24″ and protect the front of the trouser

Please let us know of any additional requirements or comments you may think might be helpful to the tailor.