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This beautifully cut jacket can be made from a choice of our finest quality cloths making this indispensable in any mans wardrobe. The jacket is stylish and comfortable making it practical in the field and also smart enough for any occasion with a collar and tie.

We have four block styles cut to the customers requirements;

  • Regular Block/Fit- This quintessentially English block results in an elegant, tailored (neutral) fit.
  • Fitted Block/Fit- A more fitted variant of our regular block creating a slimmer silhouette.
  • Slim Block/Fit- A more contemporary, closer fit. This block/fit is a development from the Fitted Block, and includes the higher waist, shallower armholes and greater chest dart suppression.
  • Comfortable Block/Fit- The Comfortable fit is derived from the Regular Block/Fit and eases the fit throughout, particularly straightening/reducing the waist compression.


Please select your chosen tweed from our recommended cloths below and we will pick a lining to match. For any lining preferences you would like, please enter in the comments box below. If you are looking for a bespoke, tailored jacket please shop under the men’s suit jacket category.

Jacket size chart


Please let us know of any additional requirements or comments you may think might be helpful to the tailor.