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Double Breasted Smoking Jacket

The Double-Breasted Smoking Jacket is the perfect party piece. It is the essence of British style and combines velvet with a sophisticated cut. With the option to choose to have a contrast cuff and collar or detailed frogging, the jacket will make you stand out at a dinner party or a country ball. This could also be worn at home, with an open neck shirt and a cravat, to add warmth in an elegant way.

We have four block styles cut to the customers requirements;

  • Regular Block/Fit- This quintessentially English block results in an elegant, tailored (neutral) fit.
  • Fitted Block/Fit- A more fitted variant of our regular block creating a slimmer silhouette.
  • Slim Block/Fit- A more contemporary, closer fit. This block/fit is a development from the Fitted Block, and includes the higher waist, shallower armholes and greater chest dart suppression.
  • Comfortable Block/Fit- The Comfortable fit is derived from the Regular Block/Fit and eases the fit throughout, particularly straightening/reducing the waist compression.

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Choose Linings

  • BB LD 50402 110 DT 9/10H
  • BB LD 50620 255 P 9H
  • BB LD 50618 255 P 5H
  • BB LD 50610 210 P 13H
  • BB LD 50609 210 P 13H
  • BB LD 50608 210 P 4H
  • BB LD 50607 210 P 7H
  • BB LD 50606 210 P 9H
  • BB LD 50605 210 P 3H
  • BB LD 50604 210 P 5H
  • BB LD 50603 210 P 1H
  • BB LD 50602 210 P 11S
  • BB LD 50601 210 P 10S
  • BB LD 50599X 145 P 9H
  • BB LD 50599 145 P 8H
  • BB LD 50595 145 P 8H

Add Are you providing your own cloth?

  • No
  • Yes

Add Fit

  • Regular block
  • Fitted block
  • Slim fit block
  • Comfortable fit block

Add Front Hems

  • Square Fronts
  • Cutaway Fronts

Add Smoking Jacket Buttons

  • 1 Button
  • 2 Button

Add Cuff Options

  • Contrast Gauntlet Cuff


  • Fleu De Lys Frogging on Cuff


  • Loop Frogging on Cuff
  • Plain Cuff
  • Tonal Gauntlet Cuff


Add Lapels

  • Narrow Lapels
  • Wide lapels
  • Regular Shawl lapel

Add Vents

  • Centre Back Vent
  • No Vent
  • Side Vent

Add Collar Contrast

  • Smoking Jacket with Contrast Collar


  • Smoking Jacket without Contrast Collar

Add Lower Pockets

  • Contrast Jet Pocket


  • Contrast Welt Pocket


  • Tonal Jet Pocket
  • Tonal Welt Pocket

Add Breast Pocket

  • Contrast Breast Pocket


  • Tonal Breast Pocket

Add Facings

  • Plain Facing
  • Framed Facing

Add Embroidery

  • No to embroidery
  • Yes to embroidery


Add Internal Pocket

  • Plain Pocket Finish
  • Zipper Fastening
  • Button and Tab Fastening

Add Button options

  • Self Cover Buttons
  • Link Buttons

Mens Jacket Measurements

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Please let us know of any additional requirements or comments you may think might be helpful to the tailor.