Specialists in Tweed


HE IC 97663 220-240 P 11N
MM NC CH170 465 OC 4S
M DCA U1357/D03 PL 12/13N
M DCA U1357/R10 PL 12/13H
M DCA U1350/B02 PL 5/13N
M DCA U1369/A03 PL 4/12H
M DCA U1357/M23 PL 7/12H
M DCA U1357/D23 PL 12H
M DCA U1365/A01 PL 4/13N
M DCA U1350/M07 PL 4/12H
M DCA U1362/M07 T 4/12H
M DCA U1357/M07 PL 4/7H
M DCA U1365/D03 PL 5H
M DCA U1347/D13 PL 5H
M DCA U1357/E04 PL 5/12H
M DCA U1362/D03 T 5/12H
M DCA U1360/F08 PL 12H
M DCA U1347/E13 PL 7/12H
M DCA U1357/F05 PL 7/12H
M DCA U1362/E03 T 12H
M DCA U1365/B02 PL 6/12H
M DCA U1360/E08 PL 1/12H
M DCA U1350/M08 PL 6/12H
M HBC U1298/R43 HB 1S
M HBC U1298/D04 HB 13H
M HBC U1298/BB38 HB 11N
M HBC U1298/R42 HB 4S
M HBC U1298/AN45 HB 4H
M HBC U1298/AP28 HB 5H
M HBC U1298/R35 HB 5S
M HBC U1324/A80 T 5/10S
M HBC U1298/BB33 HB 7H
M HBC U1298/BR39 HB 6/8H
M HBC U1298/BP36 HB 6H
M HBC U1324/A53 T 6H
M HBC U1298/AB16 HB 8H
M HBC U1298/X15 HB 8N
M HBC U1324/A81 T 11S
M DCA U1350/M08 PL 6/12H
M AC U1149/A01 PL 12H
M AC U1145/B02 PL 4/12H
M AC U1146/E04 PL 5/12H
M AC U1149/D03 PL 5/12H
M AC U1143/E23 HB 8H
M AC U1144/K06 PL 12S
M AC U1112/AE17 PL 8H
M AC U1141/N08 PL 8H
M AC U1144/E04 PL 8H

Please note that although we do are best to ensure the gallery colours are as accurate as possible, the exact colour of the cloth may vary slightly depending on your screen settings